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Multi-Lock System Approach

The Multi-Lock System Approach used by 24/7 Security Group (SG) provides a secure 360-degree perimeter surveillance of a target facility. SG uses security systems and techniques developed for embassies. Since the early 1970s, this approach has been implemented both nationally and internationally; we currently implement it with North American Production Sharing, ACK Control, and Arboledas Industrial Park.

Our approach enables a facility or office to be secured through various layers of locking mechanisms. SG Multi-Lock keeps out intruders without the need for manned security personnel, while providing safety assurance. For example, doors are secured by lockers, whereas windows can be secured with metal barriers or nets. Our custom security system is beneficial because it is designed to fit functional needs, keeps out unwelcomed intruders, assure safety, and adhere to our client’s budgetary requirements.

Our 24/7 SG Multi-Lock System Approach can be customized to include outer walls and high-tech wiring around a facility perimeter. Entrances and gates are continuously in lock mode, accessible only with a special code or control. The SG Multi-Lock System Approach is expandable to interface with monitoring and sensor equipment. This benefit will enhance security features for areas such as parking lots and facility perimeters.